About is a predictive marketing analytics platform that tracks the lifetime value and likelihood of attrition for each of your customers. It is cloud-based and can be integrated with your point-of-sale, CRM, loyalty, or marketing automation platforms.

Pairs well with Loyalty Programs

Consumers are informed and empowered with limitless buying options. The retailers that win are the ones that understand how to service relationships with their most profitable customers. In a world where most companies focused on loyalty show weaker revenue and profit (McKinsey), understanding the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of each individual in your program will give you an unparalleled advantage.

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

 There is a science to it. Our live dashboard displays changes to the value of your customer equity as it happens. As transactions occur, we update your system of record with each customer’s projected residual lifetime value. Use this individual-level intelligence to trigger hyper relevant marketing or customer service actions. Measure the true ROI of your marketing activities by examining their impact to residual lifetime value.


Customer Lifetime Value (CTV) is the key metric for customer centricity and may be the most important marketing metric you are not effectively tracking. Know how much to spend on acquiring or retaining a customer. Our advanced cloud platform continually updates customer lifetime value calculations for each individual in real-time at a scale that was not possible even a few years ago.

Seeking Beta Candidates


  • You will be among the first to have access to such individual-level, real-time insights about your customers.
  • Proactive expert assistance to uncover actionable insights, drive value, troubleshoot, and present the quantified results.
  • Your platform vendors get priority for integration.
  • Influence the feature roadmap with your feedback.
  • Marketing.Science swag, our gratitude, and bragging rightsfor getting in first!

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