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Companies and executives have been discussing the merits of customer centricity and its benefits for decades. However, the majority of organizations are still struggling to fully create and implement a customer-centric approach in their businesses. True, there are several challenges that companies typically face when moving to a customer-centric approach: organizational culture and structure, ingrained processes, and established financial metrics. That’s why we’re so passionate and excited about what we bring to today’s modern, Customer-Centric Aspiring company – a step-by-step path to customer centricity that is driven by strong data, design and strategy – to create a highly profitable and customer-centric approach to business.


We offer practical, results-oriented consulting services that leverage our in-house technology and over 60 years combined experience in developing compelling customer communications, data analysis and systems creation. We support clients in making key decisions to move their organizations toward customer centricity and greater profitability. We provide actionable, practical, and proven business solutions for strategy, operations, technology and customer engagement.


This is the age of data and the way people and companies do business is changing. Despite all the data and customer intelligence at their fingertips, many companies struggle with how to use these data to create results. Crooked Chimney’s personalized and predictive customer lifetime value analysis platform provides companies with the key to greater profitability and marketing spend optimization. But we aren’t just about the data – we are also committed to working with our clients to use the Customer Lifetime Value analysis and real-time data integrations to develop business moving strategies for success. We not only develop the CLV also help clients learn how to us it to develop a customer-centric approach throughout the organization.


We work with forward-thinking executive teams to increase their market share, further improve their bottom line and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing investments. It’s no longer just about have a great relationship with customers and creating the best customer experience for all customers…. It’s about attracting, engaging and delighting the right, HIGHEST-VALUE customers… and we work with our clients to identify those customers and make a plan for capturing and converting them. Companies aspire to become industry leaders also like to work with us because we transfer our knowledge of best practices in practical terms and help them jump start strategy and implementation without getting stuck in data overwhelm.

What they say

“With the cost of processing, storage and tools having gone down so much, if you’re not using data to make your decisions, or at least to inform your decisions, you’re probably not doing your job.”

Russell Glass, head of B2B product for LinkedIn, and coauthor of The Big Data-Driven Business

“It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hopes of persuading the few.”

M. Larence Light, former Chief Marketing Officer for McDonald’s

“We’re not that much smarter than we used to be, even though we have much more information – and that means the real skill now is learning how to pick out the useful information from all this noise.”

Nate Silver, Statistician and Author

“When two marketers are competing for the same customers business, all other things being equal, the marketer with the greatest scope of information about that particular customer — the marketer with the most extensive and intimate relationship with that customer — will be the more efficient competitor.”

Peppers & Rogers, Marketing Authors

“By talking about “the customer” or by talking about “the average customer,” that doesn’t do justice to the vast heterogeneity and the incredible differences across our customers in terms of their propensity to buy, to talk to each other and to respond to different kinds of offers.”

Peter Fader, professor of marketing at The Wharton School, co-director of The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, and author of Customer Centricity

“Every organization , every company across the line, needs to go from a relatively anonymous relationship to a one-to-one relationship with the customer. They need to think ‘how do I connect with my customer in a whole new way?’ No industry is exempt from this transformation.”

Marc Benioff, CEO of

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