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Quality content on CUSTOMER CENTRICITY is difficult to find in a sea of web content farms.  The topic is often misunderstood, and application of customer centric concepts can be difficult to master.  We curate the most informative content relevant to true practitioners of modern customer centricity and deliver it to subscribers twice monthly.

What is Modern Customer Centricity?

MODERN CUSTOMER CENTRICITY is the application of Customer Centricity with a focus on one-to-one relationships, real-time interactions, omni-channel experiences, and predictive analytics.

Customer Centricity is a marketing strategy focused on maximizing Customer Equity (CE) of a firm. CE is the aggregation of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) across customers.  CLV is the net present value of all future cash flows related to a customer. The customer is central economic unit of Customer Centricity, and the value of which is measured in terms of CLV.

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