Crooked Chimney powers areas of applied marketing science that were not even possible just a few years ago. We bring modern cloud computing together with the latest advanced marketing analytics research from academia. We are just getting started.


PUNCH ABOVE OUR WEIGHT. Take on big challenges. Invent smarter and newer ways to solve problems. Deliver disproportionate outcomes that scale.

SIMPLIFY. Complicated solutions will always be unseated by simpler ones. Simple is difficult. Simple only happens with compulsive focus.

TAKE A LONG VIEW. Invest in, and prepare for, what is beyond the horizon. Avoid near-term distractions that will not matter a few cycles from now.

HUMANIZE. Each data point represents real behavior of a real person, and while it may be processed by machines, there are stories that must be understood on a human level.

GO THE EXTRA MILE. Find opportunities to over deliver in new ways as a service provider and team member. Outdoing ourselves is how we advance this organization.

A Yale MBA and a CompSci PhD walk into a bar...

With a passion for cloud analytics, machine learning, and consumer behavior, Crooked Chimney was born into the world of marketing technology.  We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the real science behind it all, turning the latest academic research into tools that enable entirely new ways of unlocking value.

“a crooked chimney standing in the middle of a field”

Our name comes from a song lyric by Sister Hazel, where the crooked chimney is a relic from a “world of yesterday” that is nearly forgotten. It is a symbol of something fundamental lost in the modern world that has grown up around it. We appreciate the metaphor, and in our business, it represents craftsmanship. While harder to recognize in the form of ones and zeros, it makes a huge difference at the core of truly outstanding solutions still today.

We chose the name as an homage to this band, which was one of our first clients. In an industry where it is easy to cut corners and patch in places no one may ever notice, we take great pride in the workmanship that goes into any project that bears the Crooked Chimney name.

Our Team

Michael Scully, CEO

Michael holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management in both Marketing and Strategy. He has grown $100MM+ B2C businesses for Virgin Mobile, Nokia, and has advised many other top brands.


Paul Shealy, PhD, CTO

Paul holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina. He has delivered massively enterprise-grade, data-rich applications for Microsoft and several of the world’s premier hotel brands.


Mary Czarnecki

Mary Czarnecki, Customer Centric Marketing Lead

Mary holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She has spent 15 years in marketing, brand strategy and business development with such companies as WebMD and Johnson & Johnson. 


Dan Morris

Dan Morris, Senior Solutions Architect

Dan is a marketing technology solutions expert, a designer, and a musician. He has worked in fields ranging from geographic information systems to web development to mobile marketing. Dan has designed solutions on multimillion dollar projects for companies such as Fidelity, Microsoft and P&G.


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